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"We are two working parents with three young kids, one of whom was recently diagnosed with special needs that call for a modified diet and specialized food prep. Stephanie stepped in to support us and to help us navigate through. Her work ethic and skills are truly exceptional. In addition to providing us with mouth-watering meals throughout the week, she has taught us so much about food, ingredients, and the importance of healthy, fresh eating. Her food is DELICIOUS and we have never eaten so well." ~ current private client and reference upon request.
"I can taste the love in your food, which I don't get from ordering out from a restaurant. I've come to realize how much joy your food and services have brought to me and my family."~ Dr. Syliva Watson
"Thank you, again, for the time and care you put into each meal every week. It's a wonderful treat for us, and an opportunity to try something new every week... Cooking well is an amazing talent, and definitely not easy and you make the entire production seem effortless." ~ Helen Risen-Mayo
"We sit down together now and have a civilized meal together, rather than just grabbing a snack. We have great conversations now and your food is so delicious and homey, you do so much more than you realize."
~ Kristen Loomis
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