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What's a MEHKO and how to order, pick up, request delivery, paella, S's Bake Shop, Personal Chef Services, Private Events... and more... butter that is... (as Julia would say)

A MEHKO is a Micro-Enterprise Home Kitchen Operation, permitted in Alameda County that allows home cooks to legally sell their food from their home kitchens. 

My Menu Changes Every Week. The menu changes every week on Monday. This is my creativity with food that I am offering you... it's all the things I love to cook and I am really excited about, while on occasion I will do a repeat, it won't be that often. The only thing that stays constant on the menu is PAELLA! You can order this anytime but requires a week turnaround for fulfillment.


Ordering, Pick Up, and Delivery:  People pre-order by Thursday of that week, pick up your order on Fridays between 6 - 7:30 pm in front of my apartment building (easy double parking) - you simply call, and I run out with your order. I also offer delivery on Fridays (Oakland Only) and Saturdays to East Bay and SF for a fee, details are at checkout. I do not offer pick-up on Saturdays, only for special occasions.

Your Order will be cooled and ready to be reheated, however, on Friday evenings, some dishes are okay to go out the door hot. It's a permit thing.

Returning To-Go Containers. While I wish this was permitted, I'm not allowed to serve used to-go containers. Further, I am a one-woman show, and although they come back clean, I would have to sterilize them, and there aren't enough hours in the day. Please keep them as great to-go containers for your personal use.

Personal Chef Services and Private Events: I do cook for individuals and families, outside the scope of the MEHKO. Within the scope of these services, you drive the menu and all your preferences are catered to. Please contact me for more information or if you want help pulling together a fabulous dinner party or BBQ!

PAELLA! Paella is my specialty and I have several burners and large pans available to throw down anytime. Please contact me for more information!

Musicians Love to Eat Blog - Currently, I only have a few entries, but my goal is to get as many musicians, producers, sound engineers, etc to share a recipe with my SGF community... So - please send in your recipes!

S's Bake Shop - It will be back soon!

What Can I Cook For YOU?

Love People, Cook Good Food.

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